City of Cheissoux

T he city of Cheissoux is supporting Lous Suais since the creation of the campsite in 1989.

The origin of the name Cheissoux comes from the Latin surname Cassius, supplemented by the suffix -onem current in toponymy for the designation of the Gallo-Roman domains. In the XIIth century, the orthography evolves and one finds three different writings: Chaisso, Chaisson and Cheison to name the borough. Then Chaisson-la-Chapèla (in Occitan) and finally Cheissoux-la-Chapelle makes its appearance. On February 14, 1905, the President of the Republic, Emile Loubet, erected as a separate municipality the section of Cheissoux and the 19 and 26 March 1905 took place the first elections of the commune.

The various municipalities have always facilitated the implementation of campsite projects. Through a constant listening, the City council of Cheissoux fluidifies the contacts and the relations with the other French administrations. An appreciable saving of time since the teams of the Town hall are always attentive to the difficulties that can occur on a daily basis.

Great things and little things that offer the campers of Lous Suais, a successful holiday in Limousin - New Aquitaine.

City of Cheissoux


Le Bourg
87460 Cheissoux


M/F : 8.30 - 12.00
Saturday (1/2) : 10.30 - 12.30

The campsite



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Our address

Camping Lous Suais
1 chemin des Suais
87460 Cheissoux
GPS : Lat. 45.81884
   Long. 1.653743
+33 (0) 555 695 694

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